research idea have been rejected!!

In class, but cannot focus... in my mind always think what to do in research subect.. tonite actually research class.. i'll try to focus... listen what ever he talk in front and also my classmate participation to him... i think i can find my idea through this debate... but i dont know how to derive it =.=
i already list out 3rd time my idea to him but what?? REJECTED!!... how come?? whaaaaa~~~~
1st - usage of credit card among low income level and student - bored!!too much study..
2nd - Non-Performing loan - not enough sample to be taken..
3rd - Corporate governance between franchisor n franchisee - no problem to be study..

my last class and due date on 8th April 2010... i have to send early if he can make any correction or not...mybe at the due date, my idea will be rejected again? who know.....

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